Helpful Guide for a Painful Situation: Divorce pt2

Real Estate

Before we get started, let's get the legalese out of the way:
I'm writing this guide to help you begin the process of selling your home during this difficult time. Before making any legally binding decisions, I strongly urge you to consult your attorney as this is not intended as legal advice. 

The first question you might have is, can either of you afford to keep the house on your own income after the divorce is finalized. Now, this is where you'll want to consult your mediator or attorney about how the transferring of ownership actually happens. If one of you is able to keep the house, you'll need to refinance the mortgage so that the only the spouse keeping the house is on the mortgage. 

If neither of you decides to keep the house, the next step would be to contact a local real estate professional so that they can give you a determination on how much your home may sell for under current market conditions. If this is your situation, please give me a call at (214) 244-5986 so that I can help guide you through this challenging process. 

Part 3 coming soon!...